What is UV Stabilizer in Plastic Products

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What is UV Stabilizer in Plastic Products 10

Why are UV stabilizers and antioxidants added to many plastic merchandise?

Everyone knows that plastic is a excessive molecular polymer, which types a excessive molecular chain within the type of carbon chains. In nature, this carbon-based materials is affected by oxygen and light-weight, particularly UV gentle.

Ultraviolet gentle prompts electrons within the molecule, prompting oxidation. This oxidation causes the compounds within the plastic to degrade and oxidize, making the plastic brittle, dropping shade, and extra.

Why is UV gentle so highly effective?

Ultraviolet gentle is a short-wavelength gentle, which can also be referred to as invisible gentle as a result of it can’t be seen by the human eye. Ultraviolet and infrared are each kinds of invisible gentle. Ultraviolet gentle can’t be seen as a result of its wavelength is simply too brief, and infrared gentle can’t be seen as a result of its wavelength is simply too lengthy. As a result of the upper the frequency, the stronger the vitality. The vitality of ultraviolet rays may be very giant in gentle, and ultraviolet rays will be divided into three sorts: UVA (320-400nm), UVB (280-320nm), and UVC (200-280nm).

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In nature, ultraviolet rays make up about 4.6% of the photo voltaic spectrum. When these ultraviolet rays move via the ambiance, UAC shall be absorbed by the ozone layer first as a result of the penetrating potential of ultraviolet rays is the weakest. And 98% of UVA can penetrate the ozone layer and attain the bottom. The depth of ultraviolet rays typically varies with the depth of the sunshine, however it should fluctuate because of adjustments in altitude or cloud cowl.

With a view to stop our plastic merchandise from being broken, we typically require that the power of plastic merchandise ought to retain at the least 50% after reaching the desired service life. This indicator can make sure that the product can be utilized usually. On the identical time, it is usually affected by different circumstances, similar to atmospheric temperature and humidity, altitude, and lighting time.

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UV degradation circumstances of assorted plastic supplies

Several types of plastic supplies are delicate to totally different wavelengths of UV gentle. This indicator dictates the UV stabilizer we add and the selection of colorant. By way of our analysis, it was discovered that UVA is the primary cause for the growing old of those plastic supplies.

Many artificial polymers are broken by UV rays, so this injury will be addressed by including UV stabilizers. The impact of UV stabilizers may be very efficient and apparent in plastic supplies used open air.

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Plastic merchandise which might be repeatedly uncovered to daylight require the addition of enough UV stabilizers. UV stabilizers can soak up shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet gentle and convert them into longer wavelengths of infrared gentle. The injury of infrared rays to plastic supplies may be very restricted and insignificant.

The position of antioxidants is to make use of the position of antioxidants themselves to forestall oxidation. Thus, the carbon chain of the plastic materials itself is protected against being broken. Antioxidants are typically depleted over time.


By way of using UV stabilizers, a particular safety will be added to plastic supplies, in order that plastic merchandise have an extended service life.

Plastic merchandise themselves have wonderful bodily and chemical properties, are smooth, don’t rust, will not be corroded, and don’t pollute the setting. By way of additional technological transformation, the applying vary of plastic merchandise is turning into an increasing number of in depth. This mature expertise allows plastic merchandise to scale back our planting and cultivation prices on a bigger scale and assist us produce crops extra effectively.

As an expert producer of plastic merchandise, now we have a few years of producing expertise and manufacturing expertise, which might present clients with larger high quality merchandise and achieve extra reward. Welcome your inquiry.

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