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  • bird netting

    Heavy Duty Bird Netting For Garden

    • Bird Netting, crafted from 100% virgin PP material with UV protection, offers superior protection for gardens against avian pests.
    • Available in various mesh sizes and colors, this bird netting is lightweight yet heavy-duty, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
    • Whether safeguarding blueberries, fruit trees, or vegetable gardens, this netting provides a reliable barrier to keep birds at bay while allowing for healthy plant growth.
  • green PE Anti bird netting (15)

    PE Anti Bird Net

    • Vegetables Light-Duty Crop Net fruit cherry grapes protection nets orchard anti bird net
    • Factory cheap price Garden Plant Protection Net Plant Fruit Vegetable Anti Bird Protective Net


  • Farm Anti Mole Against Netting

    Plastic Mesh PP Anti Mole Against Netting

    • plastic mesh strong bearing capacity
    • long service life
    • Good impact resistance
    • Thermal cracking resistance
    • Enduring using Neat and tidy


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