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As a professional shade sail, cat fence, sichtschutz balkon manufacturer, and wholesaler. We have established a complete production line for different agricultural and outdoor shade solutions models. The product line includes shade sails, plastic mesh, greenhouse shade cloth, shade tarp, sports netting, electric poultry netting, plastic garden fence, sun net, climbing net, debris netting,scaffold netting,construction netting,bird netting,fruit tree netting,mesh fabric, truck cargo net etc.

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We have an export trade system with high-density polyethylene nets including debris netting, scaffold netting, construction netting, safety netting, truck cargo net, nylon net, pallet wrap, flex net, garden net, garden netting, creeper net, plant net, plastic netting, plant covers, bird netting, fruit tree netting, trellis netting, trellis net, hail netting, insect netting, balcony privacy screen, bale net wrap, balkonsichtschutz, bird net, cat fence, cat fencing, electric poultry netting, electric fence netting, shade nets, garden insect netting, plastic fencing, plastic netting, safety net, shade netting, waterproof shade sail, sports netting, weed barrier fabric, windbreak fence, plastic net.In recent years, we have passed BV certification, TUV certification and SGS certification, and the quality of our products has been recognized and praised by international customers.


UV Resistant Garden Rectangular Breathable sunsailshades for Patio, Using shade sail made of HDPE material has a high sunshade rate and anti ultraviolet effect.
cat fence
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cat fence

our cat fence offers exceptional strength and longevity. The sturdy nylon construction ensures that the fence can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sun exposure.

greenhouse shade cloth

our greenhouse shade cloth is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With its UV-resistant properties, it effectively blocks harmful rays while allowing ample light transmission for optimal photosynthesis.


plastic garden fence

premium plastic garden fence, meticulously engineered to enhance the aesthetics and security of your outdoor space.

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We also accept product customization through drawings and samples at a good price.

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sun net

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climbing net

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net wrap

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shade tarp

the garden swimming pool outdoor parking lot etc, all need sunshade very much, shade tarp can bring you a little cool in summer.

shade tarp

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