Weed Mat

  • landscape fabric anti ub weed mat on ground pool hard cover

  • Greenhouse Ground Cover Tree Weeding Mat Plastic Mulch/high-quality weeding mat /plastic ground cover

  • Ground Cover is also called anti-grass cloth, weed control fabric, anti-weed mat


weed mat
  • Ground Cover is also called anti-grass cloth, weed control fabric, anti-weed mat, weed barrier, or ground cover fabric and is easily applied either by hand or with a hand-held dispenser;
  • the wrap adheres to itself once it is wrapped around the pallet or around goods and protects the goods against dust and weather and will retain its tension whilst in transit.
  • Ground Cover polypropylene which is UV stabilized for long life. It is porous so water does not collect on the surface.
  • Use Weed control mat as a surface mulch in the greenhouse, as pathways in the vegetable garden, in a strawberry bed (also suppresses slugs and keeps fruit dry), and around young trees and saplings.
  • Using anti weed mat on a vegetable bed prior to planting will warm the soil and conserve moisture. Used as a subsurface mulch, it can be covered with soil, bark, or gravel for permanent weed control.
  • It can be laid under paving. slabs to prevent weeds from growing through the cracks.


Item NameWeed Mat / Ground cover
ColorBlack,Green,White or As your request
Material100% Polypropylene
using lifeminimum life length:3-5 years
Delivery time7 days for sample order,20 days after order
UVAs your request
Payment TermsT/T , L/C ,Western Union


  • Can effectively protect the ground weeds, keep the ground clean
  • It is beneficial to plant root growth and prevent root rot
  • Can be used as a silt fence to resist silt


Packaging Method:
Anti Mole Against Netting Can be packed according to customer requirements: PE bag packaging, PVC zipper bag packaging, and carton packaging, each product has the customer’s label and matching rope.
We have a 5,000 sqm warehouse to stock goods;
we have a professional warehouse management system, not only keeps it clean and dry but also ensures the packing;
All the goods stock respectively according to different orders;

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