Safety Net

  • Guardrail netting,floor-to-floor netting, safety net
  • Protects dust.debris tools from falling
  • Helps contain small, fasteners, tools, materials, and debris
  • Flame Retardant available, meets NFPA 701 Test Method


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The Building Safety Net is a must-have tool for any construction project, providing unparalleled protection to workers and pedestrians alike. With its durable material, easy installation, and versatile applications, our safety net is the perfect solution for ensuring the safety and security of your construction site.

In addition to its safety benefits, the Building Safety Net is also an eco-friendly solution. Unlike other safety measures, such as barricades or fencing, our safety net does not disrupt the natural flow of air and light, making it a sustainable choice for any construction project.

  • High-density knitted polyethylene mesh(HDPE)
  • 1/4″mesh openings
  • Lightweight, allows air to pass through
  • Rol1 width:2′,4,S6″,5’6″,8’6″,12′,15’
  • Roll length:150ft
  • Edges are hemmed and reinforced for fastening
  • UV treated
  • Flame Retardant available, meets NFPA 701 Test Method II
  • Guardrail netting,floor-to-floor netting, scaffold netting



ProductScaffolding Dust Proof Fall Protection Construction Safety Net
MaterialHDPE, PE with UV protection
Weight/sqm55g/m2 ~ 240g/m2
ColorGreen, Black, Orange, Gray, Blue, White etc.
Roll Length1-200m(as per required)
Shade Rate30% – 95% or as your request.
PackageOne roll packed with one strong PE bag with one color label
Charactershigh strength/easy fixing/environment protection
Delivery time25-30 days after placed order


  1. Construction: Scaffolding Netting is a lightweight HDPE debris netting, that is used to circle the building site, in order to protect the construction material or workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure.
  2. Animals feeding and protection: can use for temporary fencing feed lots, chicken farms, etc. or protect the plant against wild animals.
  3. Public areas: provide temporary fencing for children’s playgrounds, as shade sail parking lots, swimming pools, beaches, etc.
  4. Our safety net is available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet the unique needs of your project.
  5. We offer both standard and custom sizes, ensuring that our safety net fits your building perfectly.
  6. Whether you need to protect a small renovation project or a large-scale construction site, the Building Safety Net has got you covered.


Packaging Method:
Anti Mole Against Netting Can be packed according to customer requirements: PE bag packaging, PVC zipper bag packaging, and carton packaging, each product has the customer’s label and matching rope (1.5m * 3 or 4).
We have a 5,000 sqm warehouse to stock goods;
we have a professional warehouse management system, not only keeps it clean and dry but also ensures the packing;
All the goods stock respectively according to different orders;

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