Plastic Trellis Netting Plant Nets

  • Our Trellis Netting, made from 100% virgin PP with UV protection, provides the ultimate support for climbing plants and vegetables.
  • Available in various mesh hole sizes and roll dimensions, this plastic trellis ensures optimal plant growth and stability.
  • Ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications, it supports melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, and more, making it a versatile choice for any gardening setup.


trellis netting

Trellis Netting is designed to offer robust support for climbing plants, enhancing growth and yield. Made from high-quality 100% virgin polypropylene with UV protection, this netting is durable and long-lasting. The mesh hole sizes range from 100x100mm to 250x250mm, catering to different plant support needs. With roll widths from 1m to 2m and lengths up to 1000m, this trellis net is versatile and customizable. Available in white, green, and black, it can be tailored to match your specific requirements.


Name Plant support net;Flower support net;Garden netting Trellis net;Cucumber support net;   Tomato netting ,Pea and Bean netting 
Net  Weight8-10G/M2
Mesh  size 100*100MM; 125x125MM; 150*150MM; 150*170MM; 165MMx165MM; 170mmx170mm
Roll  Length10m,15m,20m,50m,100m,500m,1000m
U. V.1%-9% 


Product Usage:

  • Plastic Trellis: This netting is perfect for creating a plastic trellis system, offering a sturdy framework for climbing plants.
  • Plant Nets: Use these plant nets to support young plants, providing all-around support during the critical early growth stages.
  • Vertical Trellis: Ideal for vertical trellis applications, this netting can support crops like beans, peas, and other climbing vegetables, ensuring they grow upwards efficiently.
  • Trellis Net: Our trellis net is designed for ease of use and durability, making it suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners.
  • Horizontal Trellis: Besides vertical setups, this netting can also be used horizontally to support sprawling plants and vegetables, enhancing space utilization and crop management.


  • Provides essential support for young plants in early growth stages.
  • Ideal for both vertical and horizontal support of climbing plants and vegetables.
  • Used vertically, it effectively supports crops such as beans and peas, promoting healthy and robust growth.


Experience the difference with our Trellis Netting, designed to provide superior support and enhance the growth of your climbing plants and vegetables. Invest in quality plant nets to optimize your gardening efforts today.

Package: One roll package in an extrusion net, then put into the carton,1x  20′ container can accommodate about 5.5 Metric tons 40 HQ container can accommodate bout 12.5 Metric tons.

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