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  • Pallet netting, also known as flex net or stretch netting, is a revolutionary solution in the realm of packaging and logistics.
  • Crafted from 100% new HDPE material, this knitted polyethylene netting offers unparalleled flexibility, breathability, and load stability.
  • With its lightweight construction and superior airflow properties, pallet rack netting ensures the safe transportation of goods, particularly perishable items, while reducing packaging volume and environmental impact. Explore the features and benefits of pallet wrap in detail below.


pallet netting

Pallet netting, often referred to as flex net or stretch netting, is a versatile packaging solution designed to enhance the safety and stability of palletized loads. Made from high-quality HDPE material, this knitted polyethylene netting is available in green, white, or customizable colors to suit specific packaging requirements.

One of the standout features of pallet netting is its ability to allow items, especially perishable products, to breathe. This crucial characteristic helps overcome common packaging challenges such as condensation, sweating, mold growth, and overheating during storage, refrigeration, and transportation.

Moreover, pallet netting offers superior airflow compared to traditional packaging films, ensuring optimal ventilation for the packaged goods. This not only extends the shelf life of perishable items but also maintains product quality and freshness throughout the supply chain.

In addition to its breathability, the flex net is highly elastic and capable of stretching at least 30% to accommodate various load sizes and shapes. This elasticity not only ensures a secure fit around the palletized load but also allows for easy application and removal, saving time and effort during packaging and unpacking processes.

Furthermore, pallet netting is lightweight and soft to the touch, making it easy to handle and maneuver. Its recyclable mesh materials reduce packaging volume by up to 45% compared to traditional films, contributing to sustainable packaging practices and environmental conservation efforts.


Item No.Size 01Size 02Size 03Size 04
Product pacificationNorth America1.23*3000m1.62*2134m1.62*2348m1.71*2134m
Net weight8.33g/m2 10g/m2
Net width1m, 1.22m, 1.23m, 1.62m, 1.7m or by requirement
Rolls length2000m, 2134m, 2500m, 3000m or by requirement
FunctionReduce weather related spoilage
ColorGreen, white or by requirement
Material100% new HDPE
Warning lineEnd of roll red warning stripe, like 75m
Typewarp knitted
Wt/Rl (kg)5.5/17.15/17.5


Pallet netting finds widespread application across various industries and packaging scenarios, thanks to its versatile nature and superior performance characteristics. Some common usage scenarios include:

  1. Fresh Produce Packaging: This is ideal for packaging fruits and vegetables, providing the necessary ventilation to maintain product freshness and quality during storage and transportation.
  2. Nursery and Agriculture: In nurseries and agricultural settings, pallet netting is used to secure seedlings, trees, and plants on pallets, protecting them from damage while allowing for proper airflow.
  3. Building Materials: Pallet netting is utilized in the packaging of construction materials such as bricks, blocks, tiles, and firewood, ensuring their safe transportation and storage on pallets.
  4. Beverages and Food: Whether it’s bottled or canned beverages or quick-frozen food products, Flex Net offers a secure and breathable packaging solution for various food and beverage items.
  5. Hot Filling Applications:  Flex net is commonly employed in hot filling applications and canneries, providing stability and protection to goods on pallets during transportation and storage.

Product Guarantee:

When you choose pallet netting for your packaging needs, you can rest assured of its superior quality, performance, and reliability. Backed by years of innovation and expertise, pallet netting is engineered to meet the highest industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

Key benefits and guarantees of pallet netting include:

  1. Superior Load Stability: Pallet netting ensures that truck and forklift loads remain stable during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage or product loss.
  2. Convenient Identification: With its lightweight and customizable design, pallet netting allows for easy identification of packaged goods, enhancing logistics and inventory management processes.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Made from environmentally friendly HDPE material, pallet netting promotes sustainable packaging practices and reduces environmental impact.
  4. Versatile Applications: From fresh produce to building materials, pallet netting is suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, offering unmatched versatility and performance.
  5. Ease of Use: Pallet netting is designed for both automatic and manual application, providing flexibility and convenience for packers and logistics professionals.


Pallet netting, also known as flex net or stretch netting, is a game-changing packaging solution that offers superior airflow, load stability, and environmental sustainability. With its innovative design and versatile applications, pallet netting is the ideal choice for packaging perishable goods, building materials, beverages, and more. Experience the benefits of pallet netting for yourself and elevate your packaging operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Packaging Details:

Big rolls: polybag+label
Retal rolls: netbag+label+carton

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