Nylon Cat Fence

  •  Cat fence balcony safety net protective cat net
  • Transparent cat net for balcony, terrace, window, and door
  • Protects your cats and other pets from falling and escaping


Product Features:

    1. Transparent Material: Our cat fence is constructed using high-quality white nylon that provides excellent transparency. This unique feature ensures an unobstructed view of your surroundings while effortlessly blending into any outdoor environment.
    2. Lightweight Design: Crafted with precision, our cat fence is remarkably lightweight, making installation a breeze. Its user-friendly design allows for hassle-free setup, without compromising on durability or strength.
    3. Cat-Safe Guarantee: As devoted cat lovers ourselves, we understand the paramount importance of safety. Our white nylon cat fence is specially engineered to offer a secure enclosure for your feline companion, keeping them away from potential hazards and dangers outside.
    4. Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complicated assembly processes! Our cat fence can be easily installed by pet owners of all skill levels. With clear instructions and minimal tools required, you can create a safe haven for your cat in no time. the transparent nylon threads and the ideal mesh size (3x3cm) ensure that the view from the balcony is not constricted. Enjoy the unrestricted view outside!


Product namecat fencecat safety net
Size3m*4m/3m*6m/3m*8m/4m*10m or customized
Material100% Nylon,HDPE +UV Stabilized
Mesh size30x30mm.etc
ColorTransparent, Black, Olive-green etc.
Application balcony safety net
PackagePP Bag+big carton(37cm*42cm*55cm) box(17cm*8cm*25cm)or customize carton
UsageThe balcony/yard protection,(Prevent pet cats from falling off the balcony or running out of the yard.


Product Usage Benefits:

  1. Unmatched Visibility: The transparent nature of the white nylon cat fence ensures your cats can enjoy the great outdoors without feeling confined. They can revel in the sights, sounds, and scents of the outside world while remaining protected within the designated area.
  2. Peace of Mind: Keeping your beloved furball safe from outdoor dangers, such as traffic, wildlife, and other potential hazards, offers unparalleled peace of mind. The cat fence enables you to provide a secure environment where your cat can exercise and explore without risks.
  3. Health and Well-being: Regular outdoor activity contributes to a cat’s physical and mental well-being. With our cat fence, your feline companion can engage in exercise, mental stimulation, and sunbathing, promoting a happier and healthier life.
  4. Preserves Harmony: If you have multiple cats, our cat fence can be an invaluable tool to prevent territorial conflicts and maintain a harmonious living environment. It creates a designated space for each cat to enjoy without encroaching on each other’s territory.


Packing: Box, PP Bag, and Carton.

Our  Nylon Cat Fence has reached new heights in excellence, thanks to our factory’s invaluable role, boasting an impressive 25 years of production experience. With this wealth of expertise, we have honed our manufacturing process to perfection, delivering a product that surpasses all expectations in terms of quality, durability, and safety.

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