Construction Scaffolding Debris Netting

  • Construction Scaffolding Debris Netting, a 1/4” knitted mesh material, provides essential protection for guardrail debris containment, scaffolding enclosures, and visual safety barriers.
  • Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors, this construction netting fence ensures maximum durability and lifespan.
  • The open mesh design facilitates air flow while containing debris, making it ideal for various industrial and construction applications. Available in multiple sizes and colors, it features reinforced hemmed edges for easy installation and secure fastening.


scaffold netting

Construction Scaffolding Debris Netting is a critical component for maintaining safety on construction sites. Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors, this netting offers robust protection and longevity. The 1/4” knitted mesh design allows air to pass through while effectively containing small and large debris.

Reinforced hemmed edges provide enhanced strength for fastening, ensuring safe and secure installation. Packaged in clear poly bags with branded labels, the netting is easy to ship and handle. Tested and approved to meet industrial and construction standards, Safety Debris Netting is available in various colors and sizes to suit diverse project requirements.


Product Name:Scaffolding netting/debris netting/construction safety netting
Material:100% new HDPE
Color:Orange/black/green/beige/jasper/jasper & green
Export MarketAmerica
Hole sizewith ¼” Mesh Openings or Customized
Fire-RetardantMeets NFPA 701
Packing:wrapped in plastic bag with color label or as request


Product Usage:

  • Construction Netting Fence: Utilize Safety Debris Netting as a construction netting fence to secure the perimeter of construction sites, preventing debris from escaping and ensuring safety.
  • Debris Netting: Ideal for debris netting applications, this product effectively contains construction debris, providing a clean and safe work environment.
  • Scaffold Netting: Use the netting as scaffold netting to enclose scaffolding structures, offering protection against falling debris and enhancing worker safety.
  • Visual Safety Barriers: Employ the netting as visual safety barriers on construction sites, clearly marking hazardous areas and enhancing overall site safety.


    • Guardrail Debris Protection: Secure guardrails with debris netting to contain debris and ensure site safety.
    • Scaffolding Enclosures: Enclose scaffolding with this netting to protect workers and the public from falling debris.
    • Visual Safety Barriers: Create visible barriers around hazardous areas to enhance safety on construction sites.
    • Cold Weather Flexibility: The netting remains flexible even in cold weather, ensuring reliable performance year-round.
    • Economical and Cost-Effective: This heavy-duty protection solution is both economical and cost-effective, providing excellent value for construction projects.


Ensure maximum safety and efficiency on construction sites with Safety Debris Netting. Invest in quality debris containment solutions to protect workers and the public while maintaining a clean and secure environment.

Packing:Each Roll in Polybag or Woven Bag. roll pack + paper tube inside+color label

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