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The aluminum foil sunshade nets (mesh) is made of pure aluminum foil strips and transparent polyester film strips. The essential difference between aluminum foil sunshade curtains (nets) and ordinary sunshade nets is that there is an extra layer of aluminum foil than ordinary sunshade nets. In terms of use, it can be roughly divided into use inside the greenhouse and use outside the greenhouse.

Exterior aluminum foil sunshade nets

External use is mainly for sun protection and cooling and has better breathability.

  1. It can effectively reflect strong light during the hot day, reduce excessive light entering the greenhouse, and lower the temperature.
  2. Used for shading net sheds or outside greenhouses. Has strong tensile strength.
  3. It can also be used internally. When the greenhouse is low at night, the aluminum foil can reflect the escape of infrared rays, so that the heat can be kept indoors and have a thermal insulation effect.
  4. Open cell structure. Allows air to pass through freely.
  5. Reflection and cooling. The aluminum foil sunshade nets on the upper surface reflect solar radiation and effectively reduce the indoor temperature.
  6. Long lifespan and long-lasting cleaning. The curtain is woven from high-strength monofilament fibers and can still meet its usage requirements even under harsh climate conditions.
  7. Dimensionally stable. The dimensional change rate of this product at -40~70℃ is ≤1%.

aluminum foil sunshade net application

It is an external sunshade screen used in glass greenhouses or plastic greenhouses. The installation can be fixed, rolled, or folded. It can also be used in greenhouses, placed under every vent, where the open-cell structure allows air to pass freely.
Can also be used for internal night insulation. Reduce the heat radiation from the greenhouse at night, reduce the heat loss of crops at night, and reduce frost damage.

aluminum foil sunshade nets inside

It not only provides an internal sunshade for cooling but also has a heat preservation function at night. Generally, products for internal use will have the part of preventing dripping and condensation.

  1. Reflection and transmission. aluminum foil sunshade nets and thermal insulation curtains are made of 4mm wide polyester plastic strips woven with high-strength polyester yarn (FDY); through the reflection and transmission of aluminum foil and transparent polymer materials, it can reflect and cool down during the day, and maintain heat and save energy at night, forming good indoor climate conditions and lower energy bills.
  2. Moisturizing and preventing condensation. The woven structure allows sufficient water vapor to pass through and prevents condensation on the lower part of the curtain. Reduces the risk of seedling damage and fungal diseases caused by condensation.
  3. Good weather resistance. It has good resistance to high temperatures, high humidity, strong ultraviolet rays, and common chemical pesticides in the greenhouse, and can maintain excellent quality throughout its life cycle.
  4. Stable performance. Unique formula and technology, and high-quality pure aluminum foil ensure that the product will not dealuminate. The shrinkage rate of this product is ≤1.0% at 70℃.
  5. Takes up little space. It has good resistance to high temperatures, high humidity, strong ultraviolet rays, and common chemical pesticides in the greenhouse, and can maintain excellent quality throughout its life cycle.

aluminum foil sunshade nets Application

  1. Suitable for various types of greenhouses and can be installed under different greenhouse covering materials. The installation method can choose curtain line sliding system and suspension system.
  2. Insulation and energy saving. This product has excellent light transmittance and effectively reduces greenhouse heat loss. It is also suitable for high-efficiency energy-saving insulation during the day and night.
  3. Breathable. The woven structure allows sufficient water vapor to pass through, preventing condensation on the lower part of the curtain and the formation of moss, and it remains clean after many years of use.
  4. Scattering function. It completely scatters the incident light to prevent the crop canopy from being burned while providing light to the crops from different angles.
  5. UV-resistant and clean. Highly UV-resistant and anti-static products remain clean and effective after long-term use. Stable performance. The anti-UV stabilizer added to the material resists chemicals commonly used in greenhouses. When heated at 70°C for two hours, the thermal shrinkage of the product does not exceed 1.0%.
  6. Small space occupied. The product is very soft and folds easily. The curtain is very small when closed, ensuring maximum light transmittance in the greenhouse.

aluminum foil sunshade nets Conclusion

Most of the external aluminum foil sunshade nets (mesh) are made of aluminum film + openings. In summer when the temperature is high, it can reflect infrared rays and slow down the transfer of heat from high to low, thus playing a role in sunshade and cooling. On the contrary, in winter, aluminum foil can reflect the heat radiation inside the shed and play a role in thermal insulation. Therefore, in some areas, some growers use external aluminum foil sunshade screens inside the greenhouse.
Interior sunshade curtains (mesh) are generally available in the market in two types: aluminum film + opening and aluminum film + frosted

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