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  • shade sails

    HDPE Shade Sails

    • The shade sail has a very high shading rate and a long service life.
    • High shading rate, can resist up to 95% of ultraviolet rays.
    • Irregular in shape, rich in color, beautiful in appearance, like an open sail.
    • Adding a UV stabilizer imported from Germany, the service life longer.
  • sichtschutz balkon

    HDPE Sichtschutz Balkon

    • Unser Sichtschutz Balkon besteht zu 100 % aus neuem Material (HDPE) mit UV-Schutz, und es eignet sich perfekt für verschiedene Anwendungen wie Balkonbeschattung, Sichtschutz und Pflanzenschutz.
    • Entdecken Sie innovative Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen, Windschutzbalkon, Balkonverkleidungen und sturmfeste Optionen für seitlichen Sichtschutz.
  • bird netting

    Heavy Duty Bird Netting For Garden

    • Bird Netting, crafted from 100% virgin PP material with UV protection, offers superior protection for gardens against avian pests.
    • Available in various mesh sizes and colors, this bird netting is lightweight yet heavy-duty, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
    • Whether safeguarding blueberries, fruit trees, or vegetable gardens, this netting provides a reliable barrier to keep birds at bay while allowing for healthy plant growth.
  • insect net

    Insect Netting

    • Greenhouse insect proof net tomato protect insects fine mesh net garden netting white anti-insect netting.

    • has been designed and tested to offer the highest quality insect netting.
    • polyethylene and has a UV life expectancy of over 3 years.
  • trellis netting

    Net For Trellis Garden Trellis Netting

    • Trellis Netting, constructed from durable polyester material, is the ideal solution for supporting climbing plants and optimizing garden space.
    • With a mesh size of 15cm15cm and a size of 10FT30FT (3.3m*10m), this white netting provides ample coverage for a variety of gardening applications.
    • Its uniform mesh size, sturdy structure, and high-strength polyester composition ensure reliable support and extended service life. Whether indoors or outdoors, our trellis netting offers versatile solutions for both amateur and professional gardeners.
  • cat fence

    Nylon Cat Fence

    •  Cat fence balcony safety net protective cat net
    • Transparent cat net for balcony, terrace, window, and door
    • Protects your cats and other pets from falling and escaping
  • pallet netting

    Pallet Wrap Stretch Netting Flex Net Pallet Netting

    • Pallet netting, also known as flex net or stretch netting, is a revolutionary solution in the realm of packaging and logistics.
    • Crafted from 100% new HDPE material, this knitted polyethylene netting offers unparalleled flexibility, breathability, and load stability.
    • With its lightweight construction and superior airflow properties, pallet rack netting ensures the safe transportation of goods, particularly perishable items, while reducing packaging volume and environmental impact. Explore the features and benefits of pallet wrap in detail below.
  • green PE Anti bird netting (15)

    PE Anti Bird Net

    • Vegetables Light-Duty Crop Net fruit cherry grapes protection nets orchard anti bird net
    • Factory cheap price Garden Plant Protection Net Plant Fruit Vegetable Anti Bird Protective Net


  • tarpaulin

    PE Tarpaulin Sheet

    • Our tarpaulin sheet offers unparalleled protection and durability, making them essential for a wide range of applications.
    • Crafted from high-quality materials and available in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses, our tarpaulins are waterproof, tear-resistant, weatherproof, and UV-treated.
    • With reinforced edges and galvanized eyelets, they provide reliable coverage for transportation, storage, construction, agriculture, and more.
    • Whether you need to shield goods from the elements or create temporary shelter, our tarpaulins deliver unmatched performance at competitive prices.
  • plant netting

    Plant Netting Plant Net

    • Plant Netting, made from durable polyethylene material, is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your plants.
    • With a mesh size of 10cmx10cm and customizable options, this netting provides superior protection while allowing for optimal air circulation.
    • Available in various sizes and featuring strong yarn thickness of 2mm-3mm, our Plant Netting is designed to withstand the rigors of gardening. Its ease of installation and environmentally friendly composition make it the ideal choice for all your plant protection needs.
  • plant support net

    Plastic Mesh HDPE Cucumber Climbing Plant Support Net

    • durable plant climbing net, cucumber net, plastic climbing net, plastic mesh
    • creeper garden plant support net UV treated also named plant climbing net
    • designed to climb plants or vegetables to grow up, to provide vertical support and horizontal support.
  • Farm Anti Mole Against Netting

    Plastic Mesh PP Anti Mole Against Netting

    • plastic mesh strong bearing capacity
    • long service life
    • Good impact resistance
    • Thermal cracking resistance
    • Enduring using Neat and tidy


  • plastic nets

    Plastic Nets

    • Greenhouse insect proof internet tomato defends bugs nice mesh internet backyard netting white anti-insect netting.

    • plastic nets have been designed and examined to supply the very best high quality insect netting.
    • polyethylene and has a UV life expectancy of over 3 years.
  • trellis netting

    Plastic Trellis Netting Plant Nets

    • Our Trellis Netting, made from 100% virgin PP with UV protection, provides the ultimate support for climbing plants and vegetables.
    • Available in various mesh hole sizes and roll dimensions, this plastic trellis ensures optimal plant growth and stability.
    • Ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications, it supports melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, and more, making it a versatile choice for any gardening setup.
  • balkon sichtschutz

    Polyester Balkon Sichtschutz

    • balkon sichtschutz ,Unser Produkt, hergestellt aus Polyester mit einer langlebigen PU-Beschichtung, eignet sich perfekt für Balkonbeschattung, Sichtschutz und Pflanzenschutz.
    • Erfahren Sie mehr über unseren innovativen Sichtschutz für Balkongeländer, sturmfeste Befestigung ohne Bohren, seitlichen Sichtschutz, stilvolle Balkongeländerverkleidungen und maßgeschneiderte Lösungen.
  • Waterproof shade sail

    Polyester Waterproof Shade Sail

    • Shade Sail (polyethylene) mesh shade cloth is reusable
    • Shade Sail can lower the temperature to protect your special plants
    • All the Shade Sail have reinforced edges with grommets so which make it easy to attach and remove.

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